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Learn everything you need to know about Medicare through our comprehensive video series.

Our complete Medicare guide streaming on

Learn about everything about Medicare from our owner and CEO, Greg Gurbikian. Greg has specifically tailored the video series for Medicare eligible folks and current Medicare beneficiaries.

Based on his best-selling book The Only Medicare Book You Need, featuring 10 sections and 52 videos packed with Medicare knowledge.

Section 7: How Medicare Works With Insurance - Everything You Need To Know!

Section 7: How Medicare Works With Insurance - Everything You Need To Know!

Our Commitment

“We are committed to providing expert support to Medicare Beneficiaries by simplifying the Medicare process from start to finish, ensuring that the RIGHT coverage is provided to each client.”

Our vision is to operate as a company based on integrity, educating the customer, and providing outstanding service to our customers nationwide. We live our mission statement through the clients we service everyday down to the people we hire to carry out this vital mission.

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simple as 1-2-3®

We work with and represent the most trusted insurance providers in the United States, which allows us to best serve your health insurance needs. We owe our company’s growth and success to our people who take the time every day to get to know what is most important about you and your coverage options. 

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Our Consulting Services are always 100% free to you!

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Get your Medicare A, B, C, D, and Supplement Enrollment Completed Over the Phone with a Member of our Client Experience Group.

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You get a dedicated team of experts on your side!

I want to compare Medicare Supplement plans with no hassle or obligation.

The Ultimate Medicare Guide

We're offering one of the most complete Medicare books ever made at no cost to you. Just provide your email and we'll send you a free copy.